Project #1—Promote and Expand

Keeping with the mission to “promote and expand” this Interfaith Ministry, the Foundation is reviewing several different advertising campaigns.

Initial inquiries have been made to:

Print Media:
The Arizona Republic—Phoenix, Arizona
The Spokesman Review—Spokane, Washington
The Gazette—Colorado Springs, Colorado
The Chicago Tribune—Chicago, Illinois
The Boston Globe—Boston, Massachusetts
Radio Media:
K-Love Radio
KTLF Praise Radio
ACN American Christian network

Although our advertising search, to date, has marketed the American audience; we are open to non- American target audiences. We all are searching and this fellowship's ultimate target audience is to them that the lord leads.

A careful review of the advertising cost and opportunities available will be conducted. As funds allow, we hope to have our name shared with several media markets in the near future.

Project #2—Home Restoration

My time here at the Colville Indian Reservation has been extremely rewarding. Talk of Spirit and spiritual things is not an uncomfortable conversation for most of them. A few have gone to great lengths to explain their cultural attitudes regarding the spirit realm. This is also the heart of Sasquatch - Big Foot country. I have traveled between Nespelem and Omak many times. The local monument to Big Foot, a 10’ tall metal sculpture, stands on a rocky point overlooking HWY 155 at Desautel Pass. What I have heard and learned here will always be a part of me – and I hope those in the congregation here have grown as well from me.

It has come to my attention that one of the congregation here is a struggling working single mother. She is a registered LPN and has been working at the same Indian Health clinic for over six years. Even though she is gainfully employed in a secure position she is among the working poor. She has some major health issues that she has dealt with for many years. Health Care cost for her and her children plus school loan payments often exceed her monthly income. She is currently homeless and staying with another family in exchange for house cleaning and laundry duties.

It has also come to my attention that she was given a mobile home by fellow tribal family members. However, the mobile home in question is not livable. The house has been empty for several years and is close to being a total loss.

I have seen the house – and – In my opinion, from having built manufactured housing for over 18 years, this house is salvageable. However, the only option is to strip it bare, down to the lumber, to remove the smell. Clean the house! A lot of the ceiling must come down and the insulation behind it must be replaced. In exchange, she may be formally joining our membership base, allowing PCF signage outside of the project, and allowing the Fellowship to meet and worship at the house. – I will offer her my expertise and act as a project manager to organize a group of Fellowship volunteers to bring her unused home up to livable standards.

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