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You’ll never hear another perspective unless you ask! For private counsel, please click on the "Staff" tab above to contact Dave / Patrick directly. While we are the first to admit we do not have the answers; we offer to walk with you and beside you on our mutual sojourn for spiritual understanding to discover those answers together.

We Offer Four Main Services:

Pondering Confusion Fellowship

First, our flagship Fellowship that started it all six years ago. The Fellowship began as an expansion of a community-based Bible Study and later the birth-place for The Fluid Dynamics of an Expanding Earth Theory. Specifically how this new theory might help explain, and be explained by, ancient texts and scriptures.

Pondering Confusion Forum

Secondly, the Forum provides a safe haven for discussion with a group of non-intimidating, knowledgeable folks like yourself moderated by admins who promote respect and the unabated expression of rational thought. Different perspectives must agree to respectfully disagree and adhere to the Terms of Service.

Private Counsel

At times, everyone needs an ear and counsel. Just having the conversation often points to its own answers. Use us, engage us, and we will do our best to present a different perspective.
NOTE: We are not, nor claim to be, trained counselors; but offer ourselves as a host for the conversation that explores the what-ifs, and possibilities and perhaps offer a spiritual, scriptural, or scientific perspective to consider.

Pondering Confusion Foundation Corp

The Foundation was formed as a non-profit corporation to support the outreach of the Fellowship and was a more recent development in our progression toward organizing our thoughts into avenues that could more specifically plan future endeavors and meet future goals. The Fellowship and Forum are the perfect expressions of what the Foundation hopes to provide to so many of the "lost" and confused ponderers we meet online.

Article II Purpose—Mission/ByLaws: The purpose and mission of The Pondering Confusion Foundation (PCF) is to promote, support, and expand the Pondering Confusion Fellowship (PC). The purpose of PC is: to study and teach the Scriptures, provide opportunities for Public Worship, Gnostic Education and Fellowship, to provide missionary support and community outreach to help the community with spiritual growth and awakening. It is also the mission of this fellowship: to provide counsel, private or public, to anyone that asks, by a staff of credentialed clergy. No questions too abstract or esoteric, but bound by common respect. Throughout the process the fellowship is charged to identify and equip spiritual leaders from within the fellowship.

How to Use Our Services:

  1. Fellowship → Read up on our positions and theories.
  2. Forum → Discuss it all with us and a few of our friends.
  3. Counsel → Discuss it all with us privately.
  4. Foundation → Come back here and consider helping us.

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